We bring brands and people together

by creating insights to help our clients design better products, deploy more successful campaigns and deliver more satisfying services

We create holistic insight

by listening to what people say in on-line communities, social media and traditional research channels

We reach all consumers

by using responsive technologies which engage people wherever they are, at any time and at any location

We offer a unique working partnership

by understanding client challenges, sharing leading expertise and delivering what they need

Product Development

Product success depends on meeting customer needs, desires and expectations. We work with ideas, concepts and prototypes to find the most compelling. If they don't excite we find out why and how to make them better.

Communication Testing

Communications must be impactful, differentiate and be cost-effective. We assess whether your creative and channels are right for the audience. Do they understand, are they engaged and ultimately are they persuaded to buy.

Service Enhancement

Service enhancement is about making services relevant, useful, desirable and affordable. We collect feedback to identify service issues and provide fresh ideas. Moreover we establish the key drivers of satisfaction and loyalty.

Strategy Optimisation

An effective strategy should identify your current position, define your goals and plot a clear path to your destination. We measure consumer reactions to your strategic plans to identify pitfalls, minimise risk and improve outcomes.


At The Opinion Company we use online communities, social media intelligence and traditional research methods to help our clients design better products, develop smarter communications and create more satisfying services

By conducting community, social media and survey research on mobile phones, tablets and computers we can reach consumers wherever they are, at any time and at any location.

We design and execute research programmes that fulfil key strategic objectives and deliver insight in ways that engage all stakeholders.

Please contact us to create leading-edge customer insights for your brand. 


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